Purple agate symbolizes spiritual elevation and wisdom.

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    Purple agate symbolizes spiritual elevation and wisdom.

    The Greek naturalist Theophrastus is the one who named this stone in the 4th century BC. The agate may have different colors and formed over millions of years within volcanic rocks. Man has always been captivated by his reflexes and often uses it as a jewel of anchoring. Ágata aims to balance our mental, physical and emotional dimensions and increase stability. When laminated, the agate reveals its spectacular hues.

    Note: As this spirit-scarecrow is crafted with genuine stones, each item is unique. The shape and color may be different from the one shown in the image.

    Technical specifications:
    Total length of 46 cm, 6 solid silver rods, ash wood with black finish, stone details.

    Código: MMWAGU


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