Ganesha is the god of intellect, wisdom and fortune for the religious tradition of Hinduism and Vedic.

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    Ganesha is the god of intellect, wisdom and fortunefor the religious tradition of Hinduism and Vedic.

    According to Hindu mythology, Ganesha is the first son of Shiva and Parvati, and considered one of the most important gods of this culture. It is worshipped mainly among businessmen and marketers, due to the fact that it is related to good fortune and wisdom.

    Characteristically, Ganesha is described as a yellow or red figure, with elephant head and human body, with a large belly, four arms, only one tusk and mounted on a mouse.

    Each of these characteristics have a distinct symbology, which analyzes from the semiotics of Hindu culture means:

    • Elephant head: represents great wisdom and intellect;
    • Great belly: symbolizes patience and the ability to digest good and evil throughout life;
    • Only prey: Ganesha has only one of the prey, because the other has been broken, This symbol represents the idea of the sacrifices that must be made to achieve happiness;
    • Rat: this is the means of transport of the Ganesha (vahana), which also represents wisdom, talent and intelligence, in order to thoroughly investigate a subject considered difficult.

    Also known as the “Destroyer of Obstacles” (Vinayaka), Ganesha is considered the ultimate symbol of logical consciousness.

    His mantra is one of the most popular in Hindu mythology, as Ganesha is described as the “primordial sound” (Om), also known as Omkara or Aumkara.

    For this reason, the mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namah (“I greet you, Lord of the troops”) is one of the most used and known worldwide. In the Tamil language the syllable om is considered sacred and refers precisely to the head of the god Ganesha.



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