Smoking with these plants is widely used for purification, protection and renewal of people, objects and spaces.

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Mother Nature offers us a panoply of herbs, resins, flowers and woods, used since antiquity for medicinal purposes. Studies reveal the power of plants to heal, nourish and transmute various types of energies.

White Sage is a sacred plant that grows wildly in the deserts of the western United States to New Mexico. Its cleansing and purifying power is enormous! Purifies the air, eliminates viruses, bacteria, bad odors and dense energies, bringing a sense of cleanliness, lightness, well-being, peace, energy and joy. This smoking is widely used for purification, protection and renewal of the energy of people, objects and spaces.

Wild Lavender, besides being a transmutator of energies, awakens in us tranquility, serenity, acceptance and courage.

A sacred act that unites the human and material side to the divine and spiritual side.


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