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Delivery Information

These conditions relate only to orders whose deliveries are made in Mainland Portugal, the Autonomous Regions of Madeira and the Azores and Spain.

For other regions or countries, the customer must send an email,requesting a quote for delivery.

– Orders are not accepted for delivery in apartados.

We don’t ship to the collection. Orders will only be shipped after payment.

– You can choose your payment method of the following available:

  • Bank Transfer/Deposit (in this case, you can send us proof to,which makes it easier for us to identify the order, thus speeding up the sending of your order)
  • Multibanco References – (we automatically receive notification of payment – no proof required)
  • PayPal – only amounts equal to or greater than 10 euros (we automatically receive notification of payment – it is not necessary to send proof, unless the email address you registered with on PayPal is different from the one you used to register in our store)
  • In any case, if you find that the “Situation” of your request has not changed within 48 hours of registration or payment of your request, please send us an email to to take care of it!

– Deliveries will be made by the ctt express service, at the time between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm, only on weekdays and at the address indicated by the Client. The value of the postage is that of the CTTExpresso tariff for theservice.

– Attention! The provision of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address may result in the return of the order to SOL LUA, resulting in additional costs for the customer. For this reason, we recommend that you always make sure that the delivery address indicated at the time of order registration is actually correct and complete. A correct and complete address should include elements such asthe type of road (street, square, avenue, building, neighborhood, square, etc.) and itsname, door or lot number and the floor (if applicable).

– The forecast for the delivery of the order is 2 to 8 business days for Mainland Portugal and 12 to 15 business days for the Islands, from the date of receipt of payment by SOL LUA.

– If at the time of delivery, the Customer is not at the address indicated, the order will be at the CTT station of the respective area of the address, for 6 working days and, after that period, returned to SOL LUA considering for all purposes this return as cancellation of the order. In this case, you must contact SOL LUA to combine new shipping (subject to repayment of postage), or the return of the amount paid for the products – excluding the amount of the initial postage.

– If the order is returned to SOL LUA by error at the address of the recipient, attributable to the Customer, it will only be sent again by information of the correct address by the Customer (by e-mail to after further payment of the amount of the postage. In case of cancellation of the order by the customer, the refund of the amount paid for the products – excluding the value of the initial postage.
If the error is attributable to SOL LUA, the order will be reissued at no cost to the Customer, or returned the total amount (postage included) in case of cancellation.

– We can deliver your requests, in our facilities located at Rua Sarmento Beires, Nº20 B, 7645 – 315 Vila Nova de Milfontes just for this to send us an email to,expressing this intention. The date and time will later be combined between Sol Lua and the Client.

– If the application is not paid within 7 days of the date of registration, it shall be deemed cancelled for the purpose of releasing the stock reserved for him or her.
After the cancellation, and subsequent elimination of the system, Sol Lua is not responsible for the supply of the products contained in these orders and that will be paid later.

The In-Store Survey is subject to prior booking,via email, day and time and has no additional charge.

For any further clarification, please contact us at: geral@solluamilfontes.ptor by telephone: 283997271 (fixed) or 926782189 (Mobile).


Delivery the next day.

Weight up to:Value:
2 kg€5,95
5 kg€7,15
10 kg€8,30
15 kg€9,05
20 kg€9,80
25 kg€10,50
30 kg€11,30
additional kg€0.40
Delivery in 2 days.

Weight up to:Value:
2 kg€11,05
5 kg€12,45
10 kg€15,25
15 kg€19,90
20 kg€24,70
25 kg€29,30
30 kg€33,80
kg adicional€1,25
Delivery in 2 days.

Weight up to:Value:
2 kg€6,15
5 kg€7,70
10 kg€9,15
15 kg€9,95
20 kg€11,00
25 kg€11,60
30 kg€13,05
kg adicional€1,00
Delivery from 5 to 10 days.

Weight up to:Value:
0,5 kg€20,75
1 kg€22,25
2 kg€26,20
3 kg€30,10
4 kg€34,00
5 kg€37,90
10 kg€57,55
15 kg€77,15
20 kg€96,75
25 kg€116,30
30 kg€135,90
kg adicional€2,20
Delivery from 10 to 15 days.

Weight up to:Value:
0,5 kg€25,45
1 kg€27,70
2 kg€33,30
3 kg€38,90
4 kg€44,45
5 kg€50,10
10 kg€78,10
15 kg€106,10
20 kg€134,05
25 kg€162,00
30 kg€190,05
additional kg€2.65

We are not responsible for any customs fees that are charged in the country of destination.

Zone 1: Spain

Zone 2: Austria, Belgium, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, United Kingdom, Czech Republic and Switzerland

Zone 3: Denmark, Finland, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden

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